Budō Bā, meaning Grapes Bar in Japanese, is our take on

Japanese Izakaya style drinking and eating.


Izakayas are pubs in Japan offering savoury, salty, umami rich dishes
that go perfectly with a good beer, sake, or Japanese whisky.
We offer a changing seasonal food menu complimented by
some of the best sake on offer in Bath.

Budō Bā grew out of a love for Japanese flavours that we found
were severely missing from the food scene in Bath.


Our solution was to teach ourselves to make the dishes that we grew up eating
and we wanted to share our love for these unique flavours with others.
What first started as a secret supperclub quickly grew
with each event and we’re now over the moon to have
Budō Bā as our new home.

What is an Izakaya?


Izakaya’s are not restaurants; they’re bars for people who love food,
music, conversation and a few drinks.  It might be loud, dark and full of laughter.


Budō Bā is what you make it. 


Sharing is a key part of the izakaya experience
so choose a variety of dishes and enough of each
for everyone to have a bit.  Our current menu
will give you an idea of what to expect.

You can either choose to eat at the bar
or if there are more of you, hang out in the
Pococks Living Room, with it’s rare Jacobean lime plaster ceiling.

There’s no need to book, just wander on up
but if you’re a large group and want to make sure
you’re going to get a space, then use the booking form below. 


Kanpai and hope to see you soon!


or go to BudoBa@thegrapesbath.co.uk