Izakaya with us!

We love an Izakaya here at the Grapes and our friends David and Susie do the most fabulous version we have ever come across.

The word translates something like Japanese bar food or Tapas, but they are somewhat playing themselves down as the attention to detail and sheer force of flavour in each course takes Bath’s Secret Izakaya to new realms for your tastebuds.

So we were delighted when they made their new kitchen home at The Grapes and in our opening week had a sell out Supper Club that saw a large group of guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends.  As with most great food it is hard to be anything but convivial when such great food is in front of you and of course there are our range of fantastic drinks from the bar to keep you going between courses combined with Sake tasting.

The evening is held in our upstairs Jacobean Living Room and you will also hear a short history of The Grapes which is one of Bath’s oldest buildings.  The Living Room has one of the finest lime plaster ceilings in the city for which it is nationally important, all combining to make a special evening of it.

The next dates for the Secret Izakaya are below, just click on the dates to book:

September 21st

October 12th




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