Independent Venue Week at The Grapes

We’re really proud of our links with the Bath music industry and supporting the arts each week through our weekly sessions, impromptu gigs and playing DJ’s on Saturday’s.


To celebrate this, we thought we would like to take part in Independent Venue Week, though to truly be a part, you have to charge entry at the door which is not something we feel comfortable doing as a pub.  The other criteria is that musicians get paid and that is something we are happy to say we do and as the business grows, so to will the wages to all the talented folks that come and rock our bar each week.

So we are getting into the spirit of Independent Venue Week and kicking off with a Grapes Introducing Night, a night for young, local musicians to showcase their talents, give them some exposure in a city centre pub, as well as have guest DJ’s wrap up the night.  If the night goes well we hope to turn it into a regular monthly or quarterly event, so come and show your support and let us know if you would like to see this sort of thing more regularly.

For the rest of the week we are hosting our regular Blues, Swing and Irish Folk Night, then on Friday we shall see DJ’s Dr Mantis and Senor Moreno give us some World Music with their Beats without Borders, local vinyl legend Tim Spinner plays the Saturday Night and we finish the week off on Sunday with the Bath Folk Youth Band in the afternoon.

We hope you’ll come along and support these fabulous artists in what is traditionally one of the quietest week of the year and remember for the rest of the year that The Grapes is a great place to come to for some good vibes and even better tunes.


Independent Venue Week at The Grapes, Bath

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